Lure Masterclass Duo topwater.

Micro popper for the topwater game

Pocopoco is a micro popper with a hollow body. We have created 2 models. Firstly the floating model which is suited for a more slow approach targeting Seabasses or Sea Bream. Or the sinking model which is equipped with an outstanding casting ability and able to withstand high speed twitching to target small Trevallies. You can enjoy the exciting top-water game easily and conveniently with these lures.

Surface beast caller built for complete warfare!
Topwater beast army gets bigger! No stealth approach needed, Fang Stick is a home wrecker – invasive, loud and more disruptive than a heavy metal concert. Developed with a powerful glide that displaces more water than a war ship, the beast caller has a draw-effect that has been perfected over the period of two and half years of extensive testing around the world. Even novice anglers can operate the lure for a smooth dog walking action and accompanying splash. Designed for predatory fish, the ultimate pencil lure is finally here.
Floating (Moving Weight)


A down-sized version applicable to both saltwater and freshwater
With the original 110mm on the market, which was easily controlled to dog-walk by any angler, we have added a model with more emphasis on the “bite”. In addition to the original characteristics of its castability, action and the sphere protruding from its face to improve the rotational performance, a smaller dog-walking action has been added to its values. It will not only be effective in searching a vast area, but will also produce you results in high pressure fields where a tighter approach is required. With the side-to-side dog-walking action inherited from the 110, the pencil 85 will produce a tighter action compared to its predecessor.
Technical Details
Casting performance
The design of the body form and positioning of the tail hook-eye, reduces the air resistance allowing a stable flight posture. This results in greater casting distance without being affected by wind or casting styles.
Action performance
With its swing design, it stages a brisk and compact “dog-walking” action.
Splash & diving action
By retrieving the line slag stronger than usual when the lure reaches the highest point during the “dog-walking”, the lure splashes the water forward while diving.
Two knock rattle system
By the moving weight hitting the secured hard spherical weight in the tail section, it creates a high pitch clicking sound. This appeals to the bass in various water qualities from muddy to clear.
Floating (Moving Weight)


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