Friday evening … I got my friend Donatas and our trip to the Rena River begins.


That trip to my plans has been around since the early spring. I had to wait a long time for good weather, proper clear water and the right level. And finally, that day came…

Friday evening … I got my friend Donatas and our trip to the Rena River begins. The way is long, but time passes fast, because in mind we are already on the riverbank. We arrive to the first spot, buy the licenses and hurry to make the first throw. As always, we start from Duo Spearhead Ryuki 45,50,60 sinking and floating lures. Already after the first throw, the new MAXIMUS EGOIST -Z spinning shows its best features, and after the second throw I get a strong hit. BAAAM!!! Trout shows the rest of his bench program at the other end, which makes me smile. Donatas catches fish nearby. Beautiful nice size grayling. The first five minutes of just two throws and we both have the fish. Great start. We are fishing in the Rena River for 2 hours and catching 17 fish. Hunger is straightened. We can rest and plan for the rest of our trip. Thinking about trying the Glomma River and Donatas don’t hesitate to agree. This is largely due to our belief that fishing is a time of rest and rest, and of being in peace without people. And now, Rena is full of fisherman’s, because summer is a vacation time in Norway and many foreign tourists are coming to a catch most beautiful fish grayling.
We pack up the equipment quickly and back on wheels. We reach our destination early in the morning, find a quiet place without people and that is what we looked for. Now we need to choose the right lure and find hungry fish. Starting with DUO Spearhead Ryuki Lures, same size as in Rena. A few throws and the first grayling’s all-in-all colours and with big pleasure taking photos for our albums …
It was a really great journey and great results. A lot of nice size Grayling, I got Trout ‘s plus one Pike. after a long day we are happy and packed up our equipment. A long way home and next trip in your mind…
Some pictures from this trip:


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