13 Fishing Vertigo Minnow dropshot lure.


Det skjer fantastiske ting hos 13fishing. Det kommer flere varianter med gummi til abbor og andre små spiste predatorer.
Her er det dropshot, worm, kreps, shad med mer.
Jeg vet det er litt etterlengtet å ha litt gummi utover vanlig shad, og nå ser det ut til og komme.

Først ut er en dropshot i to størrelser.

13 Fishing Vertigo Minnow
Are drop shot finesse baits. They are made with a precision hand pour and USA sourced material. These finesse swim baits can be fished either weedless or with a weighted hook. Donkey sauce infused for that extra attraction. Ideal for freshwater fishing Applications.

7,6 cm og 10,16cm 3″ og 4″ som de da bruker over ther.
Ser meget spennende ut i mine øyne. 11 farger som nok er vel gjennomtenkt.

Avid anglers know that nothing can beat the performance of hand poured baits and the 13 Fishing Vertigo Minnow delivers handmade quality that anglers can rely on to put fish in the livewell. Precision poured from a floating material, the 13 Fishing Vertigo Minnow features a flat bottom, which creates a neutrally buoyant presentation that is deadly on a drop shot. It also features a flat boot tail that produces a super erratic tail motion and a ribbed body to increase water displacement so that fish can hone-in on it in low light or dirty water conditions. Not only is it a perfect of a drop shot, the compact profile and lifelike action make it an excellent choice for a small jighead or a Ned-rig as well. Infused with 13 Fishing’s Donkey Sauce for an added level of attraction, the 13 Fishing Vertigo Minnow is available in multiple sizes and colors that will match any variety of baitfish.


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