Realis Jerkbait Serie. Vi tar for oss SP = Suspending. 10-11-12 cm

Abborfisket i år har vært veldig bra, ikke minst med jerkbait. Det er vært noe nytt for meg. Og for noen opplevelser vi har fått og ikke minst vi har fått masse fisk. Før var det jigg og jigg og jigg. I år har det vært mer hardbaits. Og det er ingen tvil om at Rapala shadow rap har vist vegen. Den har vært helt rå.

Nå kommer jo DUO inn i Norge i større skala, da blir det mer og velge i. Og det ganger alle merker forhåpentligvis.Få jerkfiske etter abbor ordentlig på kartet. Realis er et av DUO’s merker . Når abboren er ute å jakter på ikke alt for dypt vann så skal det mye å finne en metode som er mer effektivt en jerkbait fiske etter abbor. Og når abboren jager pelagisk skal man ikke være redd for å teste ut denne metoden.   I denne artikkelen har jeg tatt for meg realis jerkbait suspending. Det vil si at «henger» i vannlaget. Det flyter ikke opp og det synker ikke. Ved spinnstopp så blir det stående. Og det er ofte da det smeller til.  Dette må jo kunne funke godt også på ørret. Både for trolling og spinnfiske. Fiskespisende ørret. 10 og 12cm er mye brukt i den verden.

Det som også er kult er at det finnes rene saltvann’s modeller. Dette må jo funke gulle godt på sjøørret og havabbor og makrell. Bonito’en som stikker innom til tider vel nok digge disse.

Under her ligger det masse informasjon rundt jerkbait realis SP serien. Alle farger er tatt frem. Håper det er ting som faller i smak hos flere en meg.

Et helt vannvittig abborfiske. Og vi slår et slag for Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Deep 9cm

Fiske binder nye mennesker i sammen. En flott snitt på abboren.

Hei, nei det er lenge igjen av sesongen, nikket jeg og smilte. Men plutselig ble jeg i tvil…….

Suspended brilliance in a tungsten package.

The new size in Jerkbait family is snack size jerkbait made to cover water more effectively and at longer distances. It has a semi-flat side coupled by round edges bring the flash angle from both worlds together in one shape. The 110SP emits wider flash bands than a completely rounded jerkbait body, and possesses the same structural integrity as the 100DR. It also has DUO’s trademarked flatside design emits a wider area of flash.

Thanks to the advanced tungsten weight transfer system, this bait can be twitched, jerked or retrieved. If you are familiar with the technique called “rippin” this bait provides tremendous flash and remains balanced through the cadence. Long casts are effortless with the 110SP, another trademark, of DUO’s jerkbaits. Hi-density, high quality proprietary ABS provides up to 30% better structural integrity then other lures.

DUO has continuously pride itself on creating the ability to emit unique sound frequencies, different from other manufacturers. Realis Jerkbait 110SP carries a very unique sound due to multiple chambers in the 110 body. Its dual pitch is a refreshing departure of standardize jerkbait sounds.

Length 110mm
Weight 16.2g
Type Suspending (Moving Weight)
Hook #6X
Range 0.8~1.6m


The new standard for jerkbait

When angler thinks of jerkbaits in today market, what attribute is most important? While fancy colors and scale patterns provide realism it is still the lure’s “action” that prioritized an angler`s jerkbait selection.

DUO has went beyond the angler’s desire when it comes refined jerkbait fishing. Jerkbait 100SP uses a refined and updated fixed ballast system to grant the lure a lower center of gravity. Its ballast system also provides stable movement in the water and is responsive to a variety of retrieves.

Realis Jerkbait 100SP has the best of all worlds, balanced retrieve, specific body rotation to give off a pronounced wobble and precise gait during lure’s tack-movement (side to side cadence). The taller, flatter sides of the lure provide a larger profile giving an impression a bigger baitfish and also provide wider band of flashing to improve detection of the lure at a distance.

Another advantage to the Jerkbait 100SP is its ability to stop and move efficiently through the water column without wandering or drifting aimlessly. Now an angler’s Jerkbait 100SP can cover water, be target oriented, while emitting a sustained vibration without the lure over-running its position or fouling.

Technical Details

Flat Side Body

We have employed a super flat side body which creates a strong flashing and water pushing effect while having a natural action. It will attract bass from a vast area.

Action response

A fixed weight system was chosen to create the brisk and sharp swimming response during fast and slow retrieval, in addition to improving the initiation of action immediately after the lure takes to the water. It also stages a flashing and darting action from side to side, responding to the anglers rod work.

Sound performance

We have specifically placed 3 separate steel balls in each individual room. This has resulted in the thick and high sound amplified through the whole body, even with a small action.

Length 100mm
Weight 14.5g
Type Suspending (Fixed Weight)
Hook #5
Range 0.8~1.5m

A multi role jerk-bait far-seeing the future of fishing
The flagship of Realis big rip baits. Being known for its versatility to cover water quickly or to be target orientated on the go, has made the Realis Jerkbait 120 a super tool among big bait users.
The heavy flash emitted from the 120 is significant in comparison to other ripbaits its size. This comes from the lures extremely tall profile and ability to rotate its body 180- degrees (belly up). This is easily attained by imparted light rod twitches. The 120 seconds as a rip-bait, easily “ripped” without heavy rod tension.
Another powerful attribute is its innate ability to avoid any linear or aimless drift. Linear drifting is displayed in a jerkbait without the ability to stop immediately thus leaving the angler less control when working the lure near or next to specific targets. The 120SP is different. As anglers have mentioned, “It can stopped on a dime”, flicked or twitched in a radius of inches. It’s side to side “tack” or walk is also inches apart. Realis Jerkbait 120SP is so well balanced the lure can be burned during retrieve like a crankbait without “crumping” (failing) during its travel.
The multiple actions and versatility are capable in the 120SP due to high- end componentry hidden in its durable frame structure. The lip edges on the 120SP are thin yet strongest in the industry due to three reinforced locations.
Large tungsten ballast rides on a sophisticated track and carriage system noted to “seat” tungsten bearings firmly even at extreme angles ensuring the lures dominate action at anglers initial imparted action without any danger of bearing breaking loose and killing the action.

Suspending (Moving Weight)

Technical Details

Flat side body

The super flat side body which rivals the flat-side crank bait produces intense flashing and water movement, drawing bass from an extensive range.

Action response

The lure has a stable high pitch rolling action irrespective of the retrieval speed, while performing sharp sliding, darting and flashing action with the anglers rod work.

Sound performance

The use of tungsten balls as the moving weight creates a low pitch tone, while the steel and rattle balls ejecting a high pitch tone. These dual sound effects have realized a greater appeal to the fish.

Saltwater version for unlimited salt life
The iconic jerkbait has now been adjusted for saltwater sessions with some
of the most popular colors from Tide Minnow range and some unique patterns added to top it off to further enhance reputation of this cult lure also for shore and off-shore fishing.

Suspending (Moving Weight)




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