Er Norge klart for dette ? ValkeIN fra DUO.

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For meg så har det blir enten 100gram pluss eller så vil jeg ha så lite og lett som mulig. Ja vi snakker om baits.
Finessfiske er stort uten for Norge mens her til lands så er det vel første og fremst spesialene 10grams. Duo har et merke som heter ValkeIN som bestør av wobblere,crank eller lippless wobblere som er lette og relativt små. Vi snakker fra 2,5 cm og opp til 7 cm. Vekta går fra opp til 4,1 gram.  Her er et lite knippe baits jeg vil teste ut i løpet av 2019

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Versatile mid-shad with prolonged profile

Schwan – at 58mm and 3grams, a true guard of the surface to mid range depth, shad/minnow hybrid Schwan offers will be a pleasure to work for the bream/trout angler. Jerk it, twitch it, retrieve it fast or slow, the lure offers stable performance and an appealing wobble.


Capture the bottom with the “ride” action

Let’s not simply rely on color, as the trout will clearly react towards a more diversified approach. In contrast to the straight action of the LI-worm, the action of the Shine-ride resembles a rhythmical side to side action similar to the spoons, allowing anglers to capture the fish nearing the bottom. The Shine-ride is a new generation of lipless-bottom minnows.




Rule both surface and subsurface with one lure

Some of the most important factors of the top water game in area fishing (pond fishing) is to induce a bite on the surface or subsurface. This micro darter will perform a popper style action with the anglers rod work or a wide subsurface rolling action with a simple retrieval, increasing the chance for a bite.


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