John Snow is in fire.

En kjempe innen betessnekkering. Av de som har fult Pikewallis en stund har hørt om John Snow.
Her er litt av hans siste verk.

I want to share my entry for creative jigging stick division at the Worlds Championships this past weekend in Monroe, Michigan.

It is a steampunk angler fish with hand formed copper cladding and internal LED lights. The nose has a white light and red one in the roof of the mouth that are activated by a button in the belly. The hardest part was hollowing out the antena for the wiring and a brass tube insert to chase up the line to the tip. The teeth are stainless steel and there is black crackle paint finish for the body.

It won the category but fell short for best of show jigging stick. Sure was alot of fun to create but was stressfull getting it done in time after deciding to go for it.



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