Duo Realis Minnow 80SP Jerkbait Luredemo

Enda en herlig woobler fra DUO Digger formen som er lang og smal. Min første SØ på duo wobblere ble tatt på denne i dag. Den skjærer vannet som en varm kniv i smør.
4,7 gram, jobber seg ned til ca 1 meter.


This is an almighty suspending minnow for any style of angler. Anglers can steadily retrieve it, twitch and jerk or consecutively twitch using various rod work. We have employed a fixed weight for sharp and quick darting action. By carefully setting the weight in rear end of the lure, its casting distance and accuracy is comparable to those moving weight systems.
The realistic form of the lure imitates pond smelt which are the main baitfish for bass, producing bites in high pressure fields.
Its obviously good in the standard Spring/Fall seasons but it shows its true colours in the low seasons as well!




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