Nå er 13fishing straks på veg over the sea (del4) snelle.

Siste del av 13fishing som er på veg over.
Snelle til det tyngre fiske.

What sets it apart?
With impressive power packed into a low profile baitcasting platform, the A3 draws its strength from the H.A.M. gears cut with Japanese Hamai precision from hardened brass. This yields the sturdy, double-tough guts that make this reel a true beast master, while the Bull Drag System rocks 30 pounds of straight-up stopping power. 13 Fishing packs all this within a sturdy HD aluminum frame and adds a dead stop anti-reverse system, along with an Arrowhead line guide system.
How do I use it?
The Concept A3 comes in four models evenly split between right- and left-hand options. The two with 6.3:1 gear ratios take up 28.8 inches of line per crank, while the two 8.1:1 models gather 37 IPC. All models include seven ball bearings and are rated for up to 240 yards of 12-pound braid. The Beetle Wing rapid access side plate allows convenient inner access, while Concept cork knobs ensure a comfortable, secure grip.

Det vil etter hvert komme flere sneller til testing både haspel og lavprofil sneller.


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